What SB-97 means for us

Electronic cigarette legislation has passed in the state of Texas. If you haven’t heard, or are out of state, I will take a quick minute to update you on the new vaping regulations in Texas that all companies, including The Nimbus Lab, will have to abide by.


Senate Bill 97 was introduced and passed on May 28, 2015 in the state of Texas, but does not take effect until October 1, 2015. This bill was set in motion primarily to set age restrictions for the sale of electronic cigarettes. This bill restricts all electronic cigarette sales including their components and all e-Liquid to any persons under the age of 18. We have been on board with this idea since the beginning and are happy to embrace these vaping regulations. Here are the main things you should know about the new vaping regulations in Texas.

First, as I already mentioned, sales of electronic cigarettes are restricted to persons over the age of 18 that have a valid government issued ID. It is further expanded to say that sales to all persons of or under the age of 27 are only allowed if the person presents or has on their person a government issued ID, and that retailers are required to check the identification of any person appearing to be of or under the age of 27.


Secondly, All stores that sell electronic cigarettes will be required to display prominent signage about the laws regarding the age restrictions, and that anyone attempting to purchase electronic cigarettes as a minor could face criminal penalties of a class C misdemeanor. This signage can be obtained from the Texas Comptroller free of charge.


In order to ensure compliance with the new law that went in to effect on October 1st 2015, We’re currently looking for an age verification service. You will not need to do anything on your part however if your age can not be verified through our new service we will send you an email asking you to provide us with a photo copy of your drivers license before we can ship your order out (It is important that the address on your ID matches the address your order is being shipped to).


If we cannot verify you online, then a special delivery method is required. Priority Mail with restricted Adult Delivery. This means the purchaser’s name must match with the ID checked at the door, and must be older than 21 years of age. If you are not home to sign for your package you can always pick it up at the P.O. after you show the postal officer your I.D.


Our bottles already comply with child safety standards, and come sealed with child proof bottle droppers.


We value our customers and want to make this required transition as smooth as possible. We thank you for your continued business and support.


You can view the full bill here

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