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Returns Policy


Unfortunately, we will not accept refund requests, or returns on e-liquid products that do not meet personal flavor expectations. Taste is a very subjective sense that will vary greatly from person to person. We highly recommend purchasing a 30ml bottle from our site to determine if our e-liquid is a good match for your personal taste. In accordance with our Quality Control guidelines, returned e-liquid could never be re-used for any purpose, so it will not be accepted.


The USPS is the most cost effective shipping option we offer, however, the USPS is notorious for not updating tracking information. If you experience this, please be aware that your package is likely still in transit, and your tracking will be updated either at the next sorting facility, or when the package is delivered.

The USPS does not guarantee the delivery time for any of their services, therefore, refund and/or cancellation requests will not be accepted if you are experiencing a delivery delay and/or lack of tracking updates. Order replacements will only be issued if it has been determined that your package has been lost indefinitely.

If you have purchased USPS Priority mail, and your delivery has been delayed, you may be eligible for a refund or reimbursement from the USPS. If this is the case, please contact the USPS to file a claim with them.

Almost every package we ship is delivered, albeit some later than others. If you do not receive any new tracking updates for 5 business days after the most recent tracking update, please contact us.

USPS packages are either picked up or dropped off on a daily basis Monday through Friday.


Free Shipping:

Free shipping is only available for domestic customers whose orders contain an applicable coupon. If your order qualifies for free shipping, we will choose the most appropriate USPS shipping option for you. Free shipping does not always mean your package will be shipped Priority Mail. The free shipping option we choose is determined by weight, and Priority Mail will only be chosen if it is absolutely necessary. That being said, you can pay for an upgraded shipping option during checkout if you require faster delivery.

Incorrectly Addressed Shipments:

We have no way of knowing whether or not your order has been incorrectly addressed. All orders are shipped to the Shipping Address provided by the customer during checkout. If your order has been shipped to an incorrect address, there is no way for us to correct the address during transit. If it is possible for you to receive the package at the incorrect address, we ask that you do so. If the package cannot be received by you at the incorrect address, then you have two options. 1) Contact the mail carrier and ask them if a package intercept can be performed for your shipment. 2) Wait until the package is returned to us. Once your package is returned to us, then we will make a 1-time only attempt to re-ship your package to the correct address free of charge. All future attempts to re-ship an incorrectly addressed order will be paid for by the customer.

We urge you to double-check your shipping information before confirming your order during checkout. A request for refund and/or cancellation will not be accepted if your shipment cannot be delivered because it is incorrectly addressed.

Lost or Stolen Shipments:

If you have received no tracking updates for 5 or more business days since the most recent tracking update, then your package may have been lost. If it is determined that your package has been lost indefinitely, then we will replace and reship your order free of charge – no questions asked. Almost every package we ship gets delivered, albeit some later than others. Lost shipments are possible, however, very rare. We ask that you please be patient, if you are experiencing this unfortunate circumstance, while we work to figure out if your package has been lost or not.

Another rare, but unfortunate circumstance is stolen packages. If your tracking has been updated as delivered, but you have not received the package, please contact your local post office first – they may have your package. If it is determined that your package has been stolen, or misplaced indefinitely, then we will replace and reship your order free of charge – no questions asked.

If you request a refund because you have experienced one of the above circumstances, your request for refund will not be accepted. Lost, or stolen packages are well outside the realm of our control. We understand that these are unfortunate, and inconvenient circumstances, and we will do our very best in making sure that your order is replaced and reshipped if it is lost, or stolen.

Delayed Deliveries:

Delayed deliveries are a pain, but unfortunately, they are bound to happen at some point – no matter what company you order products from. We understand that this is a frustrating, and inconvenient circumstance, however, delayed deliveries are well outside the realm of our control. Any and all requests for refund and/or cancellation because your delivery has been delayed will not be accepted. Almost every package we ship is delivered, albeit some later than others.

If you have purchased an expedited shipping method like USPS Priority Mail, and your delivery has been delayed, then you may be eligible for a refund, or reimbursement from the mail carrier. If this is the case, please contact the appropriate mail carrier to file a claim with them.


International Shipments:

Shipping internationally can prove to be expensive, and various shipping options can take a long time to arrive at the destination. Choosing USPS First Class can take weeks to deliver. These shipments are often held in outgoing and incoming customs once the package arrives in your country. All USPS options are transferred from the USPS to the local post office in your country which can lead to delays, and issues regarding tracking information. The USPS does not provide tracking information for First Class International Mail. Even options that should provide tracking, such as Priority and Express, often show irregular tracking details.

If your order is of a high value, and you care about receiving your package, we recommend choosing options such as USPS Priority or UPS Worldwide. Orders valued over $100.00 may require a signature upon delivery.

We ship internationally to most countries. If your country does not appear on our list, it may be because e-cigarette products are either banned, or illegal in your country. Another reason why certain countries may not appear on our list is because they have been identified as countries where credit card fraud is an issue.

Free shipping is not available for international customers, because shipping rates vary heavily from one destination to another.

If your shipment is subject to being incorrectly addressed, lost, stolen, delayed, or undeliverable – please refer to the appropriate sections above for information on how those issues will be handled.


You are responsible for knowing the customs laws and regulations in your country. Nimbus Lab will not be held responsible if your package is held by customs for any reason. We complete our customs forms fully, and accurately. We will not modify or alter customs forms for any reason.

International customers are solely responsible for any and all import duties and fees your local customs office may place on your shipment. If your package is returned to us because the mail carrier is unable to collect customs duties and fees, or deliver the shipment to the address you provided, Nimbus Lab will not provide a refund.


Age Verification

If we cannot verify you online, then a special delivery method is required. Priority Mail with restricted Adult Delivery. This means the purchaser’s name must match with the ID checked at the door, and must be older than 21 years of age. If you are not home to sign for your package you can always pick it up at the P.O. after you show the postal officer your I.D.

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