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We’ve always supported the age restriction of e-liquid and e-cigarettes, so we’re going to embrace the way Texas wants us to do business so we can keep getting you guys the best e-juice!


Please upload your government ID(driver’s license, passport, greencard…) and submit it.


Upload a copy of your drivers license or passport. If you want, black out or cover the Drivers License Number for your own security.

Customer Statement

Please complete all information below and submit to start the verification process.


Maximum size 10MB. jpg, jpeg, png


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Your information will be used to verify your identity.


Once your verification is complete, your order will ship!


THIS IS A ONE TIME VERIFICATION provided your shipping and billing address are the same each and every order.




Required by Texas SB97


Notice: The sale of cigarettes or ecigarettes to anyone under 18 years of age is prohibited.


Cigarette or ecigarette sales are restricted to those who can provide verifiable proof of age as shown above;


Retailer must get a signed statement showing the purchasers address and date of birth and confirming the purchasers wish to receive mailings from a tobacco or e-cigarette company.


The buyer understands that signing another persons name is illegal and that the purchase of cigarettes or ecigarettes by anyone under the age of 18 is illegal.


Taxes from the sale of cigarettes or ecigarettes will be passed on to the consumer and paid by the company to the State of Texas as required by law.



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